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Ajunta Pall

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on Tue Jul 09, 2019 7:47 pm

In game name: Ajunta Pall

Discord Name:Little Nug

Hours on server ETA:3 hours and looking to get a lot more

Why you want to be staff:cause by the looks of this server i believe it will get far and i want to be apart of that

How you will conduct yourself and represent the server as staff: I will be professional, Kind, Smart and respectfull 


1. You are asked to come deal with an argument between two regiments about job stealing(as in I reg is doing the job of the other reg leaving a regiment with nothing to do)
How do you deal with this situation. I would tell the regiment that is stealing the job to do there own job as the other regiment is ment to be doing it and also they are boared

2. You hear two members of the server saying they wish to leave the server due to the actions of another player who is constantly sneaking into their bunks and annoying them, how do you deal with this situation without it resulting in anyone leaving the server upset I would talk to the person that is annoying the other people and tell them to stop doing it otherwise there will be further punishments.

3. A senior staff member is admin abusing on the server and i ruining the fun on the server and causing people to rage quit how do you handle this situation. Tell them to stop and quickly infrom one of the higher up staff member about his action then start recording him to get proof

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on Thu Jul 11, 2019 2:46 pm
Ur post has been read and you will hear from us soon if you make it to the interview phase
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